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Here at Regenerative Cell Therapy of Georgia, we are at the forefront of the most advanced regenerative medicine treatments for pain relief.

Whether the source of your pain is due to injury, illness or age, the regenerative treatments available at our clinic provide pain relief without relying on drugs or surgery.

Myth Busting About Regenerative Medicine

You may have heard a few of these myths about regenerative medicine or treatments containing any type of stem cell. We want to assure that these are not at all true.

Stem cell tissue come from an aborted fetus & are unethically harvested


Stem cells found in regenerative treatments are from lab-grown embryonic tissue


All regenerative treatments include stem cells


Stem cell treatments are illegal in the US


Stem cells are better than exosomes


Have you heard others that we didn’t mention? Ask us about anything you’ve heard about regenerative medicine or stem cells.


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