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Alternatives to Shoulder Surgery

Of all the body’s joints, shoulders are more involved in any movement or activity we experience in our daily lives. So, when a shoulder freezes or is affected by arthritis or a rotator cuff tear, it becomes difficult to function normally. Nighttime pain makes it hard – or even impossible – to sleep. It doesn’t take long for a person with a shoulder problem to go looking for solutions.

What solutions are they going to find? Usually non-opioid pain relievers are recommended first. Injections of steroids may be next though the resulting relief is normally temporary. Many people will finally get a recommendation of surgery.

Using either arthroscopic surgery or open surgery in which the inner structure of the shoulder is fully revealed, repairs will be attempted to the structure of bones, tendons or ligaments. In severe cases that don’t seem to have any other option, joint replacement surgery may finally be recommended.

Unfortunately, the 50,000 people getting shoulder replacement surgery each year may never have heard of the benefits of treatments using stem cells or plasma-rich platelets (PRP). What makes this particularly sad is that many of these people may have been able to avoid surgery entirely and may also have been able to skip the years of shoulder pain and limited function they were forced to experience.

Treatments Using Stem Cells

What are stem cells? They are a particular type of human cell that has the ability to develop into many different types of cells. This enables them to greatly enhance the body’s ability to heal. Each stem cell could grow into a blood cell, a muscle cell or a nerve cell, depending on what the body needs most.

Stem cells are present in every person’s body, but as we age, these cells become less numerous. Therefore, “everyone knows” that as you age, it takes longer to heal from surgery or an injury.

Stem cell treatments concentrate the healing power of these cells directly into a shoulder joint that has suffered damage from osteoarthritis, dislocation, rotator cuff tears or other damage.

The kind of stem cell we utilize, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), zero in on inflamed tissue and start producing anti-inflammatory factors to speed healing. This is just what irritated, inflamed or torn tissues need to start returning to normal. At Regenerative Cell Therapy of GA, treatments containing stem cells help our patients avoid shoulder surgery, reduce pain, and allow them to return to an active lifestyle.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

When we use PRP injections along with treatments containing stem cells, we double up on the healing support we provide for injuries or degenerative conditions. Platelets are powerful, active healing components of your own blood. We concentrate the blood’s plasma that contains the richest supply of platelets and inject these healing powerhouses into injured areas.

PRP therapy not only has the potential to improve and speed up healing, PRP injections can also mean greatly decreased rates of re-injury in the future when compared to surgical solutions.

Used together, treatments containing stem cells and PRP therapy have returned youthful healing potentials to many of our patients. If you or someone you love in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth or the Greater Atlanta area is experiencing pain or restriction in one or both shoulders, don’t delay. Call us at 770-675-3609 and let’s evaluate the benefits available from treatment containing stem cells and platelet-rich plasma.