Alternatives to Shoulder Surgery

Of all the body’s joints, shoulders are more involved in any movement or activity we experience in our daily lives. So, when a shoulder freezes or is affected by arthritis or a rotator cuff tear, it becomes difficult to function normally. Nighttime pain makes it hard – or even impossible – to sleep. It doesn’t take long for a person with a shoulder problem to go looking for solutions.

What solutions are they going to find? Usually non-opioid pain relievers are recommended first. Injections of steroids may be next though the results are normally temporary and may cause other issues. Many people will finally get a recommendation of surgery.

Using either arthroscopic surgery or open surgery in which the inner structure of the shoulder is fully revealed, repairs will be attempted to the structure of bones, tendons or ligaments. In severe cases that don’t seem to have any other option, joint replacement surgery may finally be recommended.

Unfortunately, after over 40,000 surgeries you would think the outcome is great. However, 6 out of 10 surgeries don’t fully heal properly. With over 150 US governmental studies it was found that there was no real evidence that the surgeries did better than not having surgery. Sadly, people getting shoulder replacement surgery each year may never have heard of the benefits of regenerative treatments. What makes this particularly worse is that many of these people may have been able to avoid surgery entirely and may also have been able to skip the years of shoulder pain and limited function they were forced to experience?

Treatments Using Regenerative Therapy

There is a particular type of human cell that has the ability to heal our body. But as we age, many of these cells become dormant. Because of this, it takes longer to heal from daily injuries, surgery or sports.

Our regenerative treatment, which is different than most other clinics, provides an extremely concentrated supply of these components directly into a shoulder joint that has suffered damage from osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears or other damage, to kickstart healing.

They zero in on inflamed tissue and start producing anti-inflammatory factors and turn on your own body’s cells to speed healing. This is exactly what irritated, inflamed or torn tissues needs to return to normal. At Regenerative Cell Therapy of GA our treatments have helped our patients avoid shoulder surgery, reduce pain, and allow them to return to an active lifestyle. In fact, their other doctors cannot believe the results.

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