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Is Regenerative Medicine and PRP Injections Painful Atlanta

If you are someone who is looking into regenerative medicine, you might be curious about the process and if it can be painful. Many people with injuries or chronic pain may have turned to pain medications or surgery in order to find relief and healing. Getting surgery can be extremely painful and comes with serious […]

Alternatives To Shoulder Surgery

Of all the body’s joints, shoulders are more involved in any movement or activity we experience in our daily lives. So, when a shoulder freezes or is affected by arthritis or a rotator cuff tear, it becomes difficult to function normally. Nighttime pain makes it hard – or even impossible – to sleep. It doesn’t […]

What is a Stem Cell and How is it Used for Pain Relief and Healing?

Stem cells are miracles of life and healing made by every human and animal body on Earth. While the body also makes skin cells, bone cells and muscle cells, it makes a steady supply of stem cells that can develop into any specialized type of cell the body might need. For this reason, they are […]