Body Positivity with The OMG-Shot

Young couple peeking out of the covers.

Let’s talk about: The OMG-Shot

A letter of body positivity from us to you.

Ladies! It’s time we start talking about our sexual health. It’s our wellbeing and it’s time we take our own feminine power back. Men have over 20 FDA approved drugs to help with sexual dysfunction and that is wonderful, that is great! We applaud that!

Everyone should be able to enjoy their sexual lives to the absolute fullest, but what about for us women? It’s time for us to clap for our own selves. We deserve a round of applause for all the incredible things we accomplish every single day.

But you know what we also deserve?  To be happy and satisfied in the bedroom! And this is something we shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about, and this is why we are here for you.

We want you to be screaming from the rooftops that you are so happy. We want you to be so confident in your own skin that you feel like you again.

You are a goddess and it is time you feel like the best version of you!

What’s all the buzz about?

Women all over the world are waking up feeling reinvigorated. But what is their secret? Well, we’re here to tell you that it isn’t a secret, it is the one of a kind carefully and specially formulated OMG-Shot that is made specifically and individually for you.

We are all beautifully unique and that is why there is no one size fits all formula. Your body knows you best, and it knows how to heal you best, sometimes it just needs a push, or a shot in the right direction.

We understand

As Mothers, Grandmothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and as women we go through so many major life events that should be praised, celebrated, and applauded.

But sometimes these beautiful events leave us with incontinence, yes I’m talking to you moms, it is nothing to be embarrassed about, that sneeze that all of a sudden oops is a bit more than just a sneeze, we’ve been there, and we promise you are not alone.

Sometimes childbirth as miraculous as it may be leaves us feeling less pleasurable down under, and no we’re not talking about Australia! Or for whatever reason maybe sex becomes painful over time. And let’s face it, that dryness after menopause! Oh and let’s not forget when we just start to lose our sexual desire! It’s life and things just happen, but that’s why the OMG-Shot was invented for women like us, it helps us put the spice back in our own lives!

Let’s hear it ladies!

Repeat after me: I am a woman, hear me ROAR! Take your sexual prowess back in the bedroom, explore your new wild, let your imagination run free, this is your year, and it will be your best year yet. It is your time to shine so get out there and be YOU.

You’ll be saying “OH” again, except this time, we know it will be short for the OMG-Shot. We will be here with you every step of the way, leading you back, to you. After all, you deserve it.

-Your certified OMG-Shot Team

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