How to Talk about the Big O

How to talk about the big o - a loving couple in bed

Let’s talk about:
The Big O.

Best kept secret?

We all yearn for that spark, that lustrous addition to our lives that leaves us glowing, that’s right we’re talking about the Big O and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. But if it’s something everyone wants, why is it such a taboo topic to talk about? Some people add it into their morning routine like a cup of coffee, others sprinkle it as needed, and some people have never experienced one at all, or have difficulty achieving it. But no matter how we experience it and when, it is time we get comfortable talking about it so we can truly embrace our best sexual potential. Every person has unique and individual needs, some people take their coffee with cream others with sugar, it is all about your preference and what you feel comfortable with, but it’s time we start talking about it so men and women alike can fully embrace their best sex lives yet, after all, it is no secret we’re doing it.

Where should we start?

Be open and honest to yourself first. Start by opening up to yourself, how do you feel about your sex life? Is the Big O something you’ve struggled with? Do you feel like you’re having less sex than you expect? Has sex lost its luster? Are you satisfied with your sex life but want to explore the possibilities of enhancing your pleasure? No matter how you feel, we promise you are not alone. Conquer that internalized stigma and get comfortable with yourself first so you can truly reach the most elevated sexual fulfillment.

T​alk to your partner.​ ​Communication is key, be vocal about your expectations and how you feel. As a society we’ve become accustomed to watching movies where the first time a couple is intimate their sex life is a  grand finale with fireworks and a standing ovation, but in reality this simply isn’t the case. We think because sex is so natural that it should come so easy to us, unfortunately that’s not always true. Many Americans are unhappy in their sex lives, but with great sex comes great trial and error. It is a learning process, and it takes practice and understanding every step of the way. Open up to your partner by expressing how you truly feel, work together to find out what works best for each of you. Doing so will lead to the best experience for both of you, and a  deeper and greater connection.

Talk openly with your doctor.​ ​This is so important to your wellbeing, doctors are not there to judge you, we want you to be completely open and honest with us so we can better meet and serve your needs. It’s vital to your overall health, and the more open and honest you are the better we can cater to what’s best for you. We’re here for you and we genuinely care. Sex is not a one size fits all process, many people will encounter difficulties at some point in their lives and nearly 1 in 5 people will avoid sex altogether because of potential problems they face. Whether it’s reaching menopause,  erectile dysfunction, low libido, painful intercourse or any of the difficulties they may encounter, at some point throughout our lives sometimes these things just happen. Experiencing these are more common than we tend to think and we want to encourage you to talk openly about it so we can work with you so you can get back to feeling you. Every person is different, we want you to feel comfortable enough talking to us so we can help you reach your maximum sexual potential, and truly enjoy being intimate at its absolute fullest. With every problem there’s always a solution like the OMG Shot for ladies and the Growth shot for gentlemen. We are here to help you face and overcome any obstacles you may go through. It is never to late to turn your life around and reach that much craved Big O  and get back to truly enjoying your sex life.

Get back to being you. Sex is no secret, but how we talk about it is.  We want to help you feel comfortable enough in your own skin so you can truly reach your personal goals and be completely and utterly satisfied in and out of the bedroom. After all 64% of people equate satisfaction in the bedroom to satisfaction in their daily lives. By gradually being more open, honest, and vocal about how we truly feel we are one step closer to becoming more sex positive and body confident. Once we get comfortable enough to openly discuss potential problems we all may face the sooner we can get back to feeling like the best versions of ourselves, after all we deserve that Big O.

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