Meet Our Team

Jim Diblasi, Patient Educator

Dr. Jim Di Blasi, DC

Patient Educator

Dr. Di Blasi has been working in healthcare for over 42 years and is considered an authority on natural healthcare. He became a chiropractor in Dec ’77 and is currently the Patient Educator and advocate for Regenerative Cell Therapy of GA. He enjoys public speaking to educate the public about various healthcare topics.

Dr. Di Blasi fell in love with medicine in his early childhood after the death of his grandmother, who took a medication that gave her a stroke and 6 months later she died. After that his philosophy changed and he began looking for a way that was natural, without drugs or surgery to help others.

Dr. Di Blasi has 3 beautiful grown children, a beautiful wife and currently 3 small dogs.

Dr. Seth Dinowitz, MD

  • Graduated in 1996 Stoney Brook School of Medicine, N.Y.
  • Graduated in 1999 Emergency Medicine, Morristown, N.J.
  • Has done research and publications.
  • Member of: American College of Emergency Physicians & American Academy of Emergency Medicine