Meet Our Team


Deb DiBlasi

Clinic Director/Owner

Deb DiBlasi brings both ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technologies to women with the desire to not only slow their aging, but actually reverse it.

Having studied biblical references, pockets of civilizations known for extreme longevity called Blue Zones, and the more modern scientific research on the subject, she put together a program for today’s woman. Mature women can turn back the hands of time both looking and feeling years younger. Younger women can greatly slow their aging to retain their youthfulness.

Deb is a wife of over forty years, a mother and grandmother. She moved from New York to Georgia to attend Life University, in 1977, to pursue a degree.

Interested in natural healing for almost 50 years, her focus for the last twenty has been in the field of aging of women. She knew that she was not alone and there had to be secrets out there that could help her and many others feel better. So now, after raising children for almost forty years, she is following her passion to help women look and feel their best as the calendar moves forward.