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The O-shot uses Platelet Rich Plasma to provide a woman the confidence of sexual health and relief from the constraints of urinary incontingency. For over twenty years, there has been medical help available for men who have problems in the bedroom, specifically erectile dysfunction. We have all seen the numerous commercials for pills that put a smile back on the face of the man and his partner.

O-Shot MariettaWhat has been missing, until recently, is a similar solution for women who suffer from medical issues causing them sexual dysfunction. While over the counter lubricants can provide assistance when your body doesn’t respond to arousal, they do little to ensure that you will enjoy the experience, much less have the pleasure of an orgasm. This is where the O-shot (orgasm shot) comes in.

This treatment, using platelet rich plasma, or PRP, from the woman’s own body, can restore her ability to fully enjoy a healthy sex life. Problems with arousal and diminished interest in having sex can become a thing of the past. Orgasms can become not only more frequent, but also much more intense. All from simply using platelet rich plasma injection directly into the areas needing increased sensitivity.

O-Shot Marietta

PRP for Female Sexual Dysfunction

There are four main types of female sexual dysfunction. The first two relate to arousal: sexual arousal disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder. About fifteen percent of women suffer from one of these obstacles to an active, healthy sex life. They are unable to become aroused or interested enough in sex for it to happen. Another group of women, around five percent, may be able to become aroused, but are unable to achieve an orgasm.

Finally, those who suffer from dyspareunia have pain during intercourse that prevents it from being enjoyable. That is where the PRP injections come in. A doctor takes plasma from a patient’s blood and isolates the platelets found there, creating a concentrate that is then injected into the patient’s body in the affected areas, to regenerate the tissues, giving the body the ability to restore a healthy sex life. Instead of simply regenerating damaged tissue, the O-Shot can open doors to pleasure during sex you thought were closed.

Female Sexual Dysfunction AtlantaPassion can once again be an action instead of just a feeling, with desire increased, stimulation noticeably more exciting, and orgasms easier to attain and more frequently a part of the sexual experience.

Urinary Incontinence

No one wants to worry about stress incontinence. Knowing that a sneeze or cough could trigger your bladder puts you constantly on guard. There are ways to fix the problem, but they mostly involve surgery and consultations with a urologist. Luckily, there is another option to get your freedom of mind and body back and escape the worry that stress incontinence brings.

Because the O-Shot is a PRP injection, one added benefit when it regenerates vaginal tissue is a strengthening of the pelvic floor and the connective tissue. The same platelet rich plasma that can allow you to have pleasure again during sex can contribute to your urinary health as well. Being able to lift your child into your arms or the barbells at the gym without an embarrassing urinary leak is life-changing, and the O-shot can help make it possible.