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Elbow Pain

Elbow pain could mean a sore elbow when bending, straightening, or lifting. But it can also manifest as elbow tendonitis and severe pain, which can seriously affect your body’s daily function. If you live in or around Marietta, we can help you get out of pain and get your life back.

To get back to the performance level you’re used to, visit us. We help many patients suffering from mild to severe elbow pain with our innovative regenerative medicine treatments.

Elbow Pain Treatment

Elbow Pain Treatment

Regenerative cells specialize into other cells your body needs, such as muscle, blood, brain cells, and more. Since they are so diverse, these cells can help your body to repair and recover from damage. But as you age, so do your regenerative cells, and their healing ability diminishes.

In our regenerative medicine treatments, we use exosomes. Exosomes may very well be the next evolution in stem cell technology. They are used in cell signaling and are thought to be a form of communication between cells and the transmission of molecules.

When we inject exosomes into the site of your elbow pain they begin the process of repair and rejuvenation immediately. Your body accepts and integrates these cells as if they were its own. With exosome therapy, you will see long-lasting elbow relief. Regenerative medicine is a highly recommended alternative to surgery and pain medication, which can both be risky.

Our regenerative medicine also involves platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Platelets are a component of your blood. They contain protein and growth factors that accelerate the healing process. And so, we take a sample of your blood, isolate the platelets, and inject that into the area causing your pain.

You may also want to consider laser therapy along with the regenerative therapy. Similar to our regenerative medicine injectables, laser therapy is non-invasive. The site of your elbow pain will be exposed to specific frequencies energy. When this energy is absorbed, your body responds by calming inflammation and circulates blood more efficiently, to promote healing.

Elbow Tendonitis - Tennis Elbow/Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis/Golfer’s elbow occurs when your tendons are injured, usually by repetitive motions of the wrist or arm. The condition got its name due to its occurrence in athletes, but any person who repeatedly performs the same movements is susceptible to tennis/golfer’s elbow.

Elbow tendon pain often occurs primarily where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to the outside of your elbow. You may experience pain in your elbow when you move or even an ache when you are still. In your case, it can even spread into the forearm and wrist.

Inner & Outer Elbow Pain

Inner & Outer Elbow Pain

If you bend your arm, you can feel three bumps at your elbow joint. The muscles on the back of your forearm, responsible for curling your wrist backward, are anchored to the outside tendons. The muscles on the inside, responsible for curling your wrist upward, are anchored to the inner tendons. Injuries to the tendons that anchor muscles to the bumps on either side of the elbow are common elbow pain causes.

Your elbow pain may limit your productivity at work and your participation in activities in your personal life such as golf or tennis. Don’t let pain hold you back anymore. We have the quick, painless, and effective treatments you need.

If you are looking for all natural treatment for elbow pain in Marietta, Cartersville, Kennesaw, Acworth or any other city in the surrounding area, call our medical clinic today at (770) 675-3609 for a complimentary consultation.