Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can stop you from living your life, and we don’t think it should. If you reside anywhere in the northwestern Georgia area, come to us for natural pain relief. If you’re suffering from a shoulder injury that causes soreness, joint pain, pain with a rotator cuff, or any other condition, we can help get you out of pain.

Come see us to get a proper shoulder pain assessment. We’ll find your shoulder pain causes and design the right treatment program to help you feel better and get back to living your life without pain!

Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

The key questions you will be asked during a proper shoulder pain diagnosis include:

  • Do you have pain when lifting your arm? We need to determine if you are having rotator cuff pain.
  • Is this shoulder blade pain or more directly in the shoulder?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with shoulder bursitis?
  • Is this neck and shoulder pain or strictly in your shoulder?
  • Have you ever had a shoulder dislocation?
  • Do you have shoulder pain at night?
  • Have you ever had shoulder surgery?
  • Is this severe shoulder pain or is it a bit milder?
  • Are you experiencing the symptoms of a frozen shoulder?

We’ll share important information with you such as, when you have a rotator cuff injury, why you may not want to have surgery. We’ll show you why many people are opting to take advantage of our rotator cuff tear treatments that involve exosomes. So, if you have shoulder pain, come see us before you think about surgery.

We focus on regenerative medicine for shoulder pain. Our patients regain the control they need with our advanced pain treatments.

Shoulder Pain Relief

Since shoulder problems can disrupt your mobility, you need shoulder pain relief to resume your professional and personal life. We harness the natural healing ability of exosomes to accelerate tissue repair and pain relief.

Exosomes are one of the most proficient cells for repair and rejuvenation. When injected into the site of your pain it immediately gets to work healing damaged tissue or generating new tissue as needed for your body to return to normal function.

Pinched Nerve In Shoulder

A pinched nerve in the shoulder happens when bones, discs, or swollen tissue put pressure on the nerves extending from the spine toward the neck and shoulder.

The pain from a pinched nerve may come and go, but a lingering issue shouldn’t be ignored. Pain causes will vary, so it is critical that you see us to address the root issue. We regularly treat pinched nerves and other issues, using the most innovate scientific technology.

Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment

We offer a variety of shoulder joint pain treatments, but regenerative cell therapy is one of the primary options. We inject exosomes into the area that is causing your pain. They efficiently heal damage and speed up your recovery.

Whatever the cause of your pain, it’s important to talk to the experts. With our help, you will not only understand your pain but also get the most effective treatment.


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