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Success Stories

"I just experienced my first treatment for the Regenerative Cell therapy given by Dr Jim DiBlasi. My experience was definitely positive. I had no pain, discomfort or soreness at all and no side affects. I have no worry, fear or anxiety regarding these treatments."

— Judy B.

Susan D. Success Story

"Thank You! I just received the results of my blood work. My primary care physician said this is the healthiest I have ever been and that she did not have any suggestions to improve anything. She said to continue whatever I am doing as it is working!! Thanks to Dr. Di Blasi, this is the best I have been in a long time!! Thank you."

— Susan D.

Theresa H. Success Story

"Dr. Di Blasi has changed my life. My children were seeing their 'old' mommy and I'm only 46, so I wanted to change. People that have known me for some time have mentioned that they are noticing all the changes in me. I'm very excited to see what's next."

— Theresa H.

Kathy S. Success Story

"My whole experience with Dr. Di Blasi has been amazing. My life before was horrible. I was tired all the time, feelings of anxiety and this caused me to miss out on my life. Since starting the program, I have my life back. Thank You! I am able to exercise, clean my house and spend time with family like I haven’t been able to for years."

— Kathy S.

Success Story

"I have been under Dr. Di Blasi’s care and have seen a lot of improvements in my health! I enjoy their classes to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and to educate myself. I really love it here and it has changed my life."