What are Exosomes?

Have you heard about exosomes, an emerging regenerative medicine procedure being used in pain management? Much like stem cell therapy, this powerful, new treatment harnesses your body’s ability to heal damaged tissue for fast and effective pain relief. Our medical center offers exosome therapy to our patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Cartersville, Kennesaw, Acworth, or any city in the Greater Atlanta area. Regenerative medicine is a powerful, new pain management approach that harnesses your body’s ability to heal damaged tissue.

Exosomes are basically stem-cell secretions instead of the stem cells themselves. They were discovered about 30 years ago and have been studied more intensely over the past 15 years because of their therapeutic potential.

Exosomes vs. Stem Cells

Medical scientists are describing exosomes as the next evolution in stem cell treatments. They are cellular elements that exist outside of a cell, found in all bodily fluids. Used in cell signaling, they communicate between cells and aid in the movement of proteins, lipids, and bioactive components transported to other cells.

Exosomes contain growth factors similar to adult stem cells that stimulate tissue regeneration and repair. These biologic compounds are said to have multiple therapeutic functions and properties. Their anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects have spiked interest in the medical community with some spheres leaning toward using them over stem cells as a treatment for all-natural pain relief.

Exosome therapy may be used for treating pain-related musculoskeletal disorders, cartilage, ligament, tendon damage, neuropathic conditions, and degenerative conditions. When concentrated and injected into the injury as most stem-cell treatments are administered, they induce stem cell migration to promote healing in damaged tissues.

Exosomes secreted by mesenchymal stem cells have similar healing potential to stem cells, hence their emergence for use in regenerative medicine-based pain management. Exosomes have quickly become the most efficient way to deliver the necessary proteins and signals to injured or damaged cells for internal regeneration and healing.

Degenerated joints anywhere on your body may benefit from this treatment, making it suitable for pain in the knees, hips, elbows and shoulders. This form of therapy would avoid all of the issues and ethical concerns surrounding therapy based on live stem cells.

You may also benefit from exosome therapy if you have slow to heal injuries.

The range of benefits include:

  • Non-surgical advanced medical treatments for all-natural pain
  • Non-dependency on pain medication
  • Low risk of adverse effects
  • Effective treatment for joint tendon and soft tissue injuries

Our medical team is constantly researching medical advancements in pain relief to offer you the most innovative regenerative medicine treatments in the field. Are you a good candidate for exosome treatment?

We offer complimentary one-on-one consultations at our regenerative medicine practice in Atlanta. We serve patients in Marietta, Cartersville, Kennesaw, Acworth, or any city in the Greater Atlanta area. Contact us for more information about exosomes and how this therapy can get rid of your pain.

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